I recently had a discussion where the word “homology” was thrown around very loosely by someone who should probably know better. Those who have at least heard of the word might think it has something do with things being similar. Those with an interest in biology, especially evolutionary biology, probably Continue Reading

"Brexit Floater" Chrome extension

The Brexit (Leave) campaign has a flotilla entering the Thames. Seriously. We've reached that point. Brexit Floater is a simple Chrome extension for Twitter, which was requested by @GirlOnTheNet. It replaces any mention of "flotilla" with "floater" while browsing Twitter. It doesn't affect other websites. Add "Brexit Floater" to Chrome Continue Reading

X-Men Apocalypse - I had to do this

I went to see the new Captain America last week and saw the final trailer for X-Men Apocalypse. There was a 2-second clip of Quicksilver sprinting at the camera and into reminded me of something. So without further ado, here’s my fan edit of the trailer. Continue Reading

"Literally kind of" Chrome extension

Literally kind of is a simple Chrome extension for Twitter, which was requested by Dan. It switches any mention of "literally" with "kind of" while browsing Twitter. It doesn't affect other websites. Add "Literally kind of" to Chrome Continue Reading

No, you can't fly over a rainbow

Today, many major news outlets published some genuinely beautiful images taken by Melissa Rensen. She was flying over the Caribbean sea and captured stunning images worthy of any desktop wallpaper, showing colours stretching across the ocean below her. The news outlets have decided that she “flew over a rainbow”. She Continue Reading

Cycling Scotland end-to-end in 2 days 6 hours

I’ve been so busy recently I forgot to post an update about my Scotland end-to-end charity cycle! Spoiler alert: I did it. As soon as I got home I moved to the Land of Eng and I’ve been settling in since and never got round to writing a Continue Reading

How many times has a centralised nervous system evolved?

Neuroscience interests me because of the idea that an object (the human brain) is attempting to understand itself. For that same reason, I’m fascinated by the evolution and development of the central nervous system. Scientist’s brains are attempting to discover exactly how they came into existence. Our central Continue Reading

GenomeTweet - the first genomes on Twitter

GenomeTweet is a science communication project to give Twitter users an idea of how big genomes are. When I first found out that most of our genome is noncoding, it made me think about how big the genomes are. It’s a difficult thing to visualise. Various textbooks and documentaries Continue Reading

Teaching Deckard to avoid obstacles

I decided to build a robot and his name is Deckard. He’s mostly made of Lego with a Raspberry Pi for a brain. He’s going to be learning lots of skills and he’ll be quite social as he tweets about all his actions as well. He’ll Continue Reading