Science communicator. Coder of silly things. Optimistic cynic.

Science, technology, gaming, and LGBT journalist as seen on Gadgette, TechRadar, The Inquirer, Buzzfeed, Us vs th3m and others. You can find some writing samples here or read some of my blog posts.

Featured at science/arts festivals and events including the Royal Institution, Edinburgh International Science Festival, Winchester Science Festival, British Science Week, Edinburgh Fringe, Skeptics in the Pub, Bright Club, Science Showoff, and the Ugly Animal Preservation Society. Appeared in popular science books such as The Science of Game of Thrones.

Random fun facts

I was the first person to tweet an entire genome. I cycled the length of Scotland in 2 days and 6 hours, a record apparently. I build weird bots to [do my bidding](h. tp://twitter.com/jennsbutler) and generate parody headlines. I’ve created loads of magic tricks, many used by famous magicians on TV. I've been an extra in a whole bunch of movies, TV shows, and even the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony. Yay!

The more you know.