Gif Earth - GIFs from space

Today I made a Twitter account, @GifEarth, that shares (almost) daily GIFs of our planet as it looks from deep space approximately a million miles away. Here's an example of the content it shares (from 2016-10-20): I'm working on developing my first Android app right now and it involves pulling Continue Reading

Baidu to test autonomous cars in California

I'm fascinated by autonomous vehicles and do my best to keep an eye on what's happening worldwide. This morning I was told by Baidu USA that the state of California's Department of Motor Vehicles has given Baidu permission to test autonomous vehicles on their roads. Jing Wang, General Manager of Continue Reading

"Not New Scientist" is back

A few years ago I got bored one evening and coded a Twitter bot that generates New Scientist-headlines, as seen on Buzzfeed and featured on New Scientist itself. I do like New Scientist and I was just taking the piss out of the more sensationalist headlines. I realised that the Continue Reading

Ford wants to score your driving behaviour

Cars are increasingly becoming electric and we're all wondering if autonomous vehicles will really take over the roads within the next decade. It's an exciting time for the transport industry but some car manufacturers will be understandably nervous. As the industry becomes more software-driven, traditional manufacturers run the risk of Continue Reading - a website for a writer

Emma Boyle is a gaming, technology, and fashion writer. I created as a place to find her contact information and some examples of her writing. The website is responsive and works well on small touchscreens as well as wide desktop monitors. Commission Jen to create a website Continue Reading

Jen's Butler - a Twitter bot that gets things done

I practically live on Twitter. Jen's Butler is an interactive Twitter bot that allows me to do nearly anything without leaving Twitter. The butler can access online services I use, retrieve files I store locally on various computers, and control connected devices in my home. The butler accesses services in Continue Reading

The difference between homeobox and Hox genes

Update: This post is now the top result on Google for variations on “homeobox vs hox”. With “homeobox hox” alone it’s only beaten by the Wikipedia page for Hox genes. If I knew this would become such a popular post I would have put in more effort. It’s Continue Reading

A real Weasley clock using a Raspberry Pi and LEGO

I've only just started reading the Harry Potter series. I know, I know. One of my favourite things so far was the Weasley's clock in Chamber of Secrets. It's a clock that shows where people are and what they're doing rather than the time. I see programming as a form Continue Reading

Palaeontology in evo-devo

I've always found palaeontology fascinating, probably due to my love of dinosaurs from an early age. These days I have a different appreciation of palaeontology because of the fact that development evolves. I've met several people who believe that evo-devo (evolutionary developmental biology) is all about genomics and has little Continue Reading

"Beautiful chickens" Chrome extension

Beautiful chickens is a simple Chrome extension for Twitter, which was requested by @EJWrites1. It replaces any mention of "beauty" with "chickens" while browsing Twitter. It doesn't affect other websites. Add "Beautiful chickens" to Chrome Continue Reading